Connections with Children

Play Therapy’s history started in the 1940s thanks to Virginia Axline, Psychologist. She discovered that children who appeared uncommunicative and at times withdrawn due to life experiences and trauma, responded well to Play Therapy.

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy aims to bring a sense of healing, understanding and inclusivity to children that require support psychologically, and with behavioural patterns. Because children use play as a natural means of communication, the Therapist forms a trusting and safe relationship with the child via play, either acting out real-life experiences or acting out their internal dialogue in a metaphorical or literal play-based manner.

These encouraging interactions result in each child feeling heard, valued and accepted for who they are. They learn there is nothing wrong with them, and when the child feels in control compared to overwhelm, their nervous system can then regulate.

Play Therapy is an effective and non-directive intervention where the Therapist allows room for exploration and interpretation, all aimed to create a solution for any problems that a child may experience. Including additional needs, behaviour, social adjustment and personality issues.

Adoption, fostering and out-of-home issues

Aggressive and oppositional behaviours

Anxiety and depression

Attachment issues

Behaviour and emotional regulation concerns
Childhood trauma (all forms of abuse)
Chronic illness and hospitalisation
Exposure to domestic violence

Grief and loss

Parent separation and divorce

Peer relationships

School difficulties

Self esteem and identify issues

Sleeping and eating issues

Trauma from natural disasters
Trauma including birth and pre birth trauma

Additional needs such as:

(ADD and ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, SPD – Sensory Processing Disorder,  speech delays & developmental delays)

“Enter into children’s play, and you will find the place where their minds, hearts, and souls meet.”

V. Axline. Psychologist and pioneer of child Play Therapy.

Play Therapy is offered to children 2-12 years of age. However, older children will be considered through referral. All referrals are welcome.

NDIS/Government/Non-Government clients accepted.

Please contact Jasmine for any enquiries or a fee guide.

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Welcome back to Play Therapy for Term 1 2024!

We have all had a wonderful break with our families and friends and can't wait to see our friends in the play therapy spaces in the coming weeks.

Just some gentle reminders as we ease back into the year....

💛Children's bookings are rolled over into the same time and day as the previous year unless otherwise discussed and organised.
💛You will receive a text message reminder 24 hours before the appointment.
💛We have a cancellation policy and fee schedule for play therapy sessions and any reporting, please read your service agreement thoroughly to limit any confusion.
💛The play therapy process is individual and each child responds and progresses differently.
💛If you ever have any questions about anything at all, please reach out to Jasmine or your therapist.

We can't wait to support you all in 2024!

🌻 Jas, Bree, Jamie and Jodie.

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Connections Play Therapy and Consultancy will be having a short break over Christmas and New Year 🎄
The office will be closed from Monday 25/12/23 and re-open on Monday 8/1/24.
Please check your emails for therapist updates on last day of therapy and progress reports.
We hope you all have a wonderful break with family and friends 💛

Thank you for a fantastic 2023! 🥰

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Trying to climb the office plants this week 🌱🙈

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Wow what a year we have had at Connections Play Therapy and Consultancy 🥰

🌻The business is now two years old (where did that time go).
🌻In the past two years we have supported 184 clients (children) and their families.
🌻Jasmine has delivered training and mentoring to 44 early childhood services across Queensland.
🌻In 2023 we have added two wonderful therapists to the team, Jamie and Jodie- we have such an amazing team.
🌻Owning and operating a business is a constant cycle of reflection and growth.
🌻We have further developed our passion and purpose within the business, staying true to the original vision of providing Play Therapy and Consultancy to the community.
🌻We have learnt valuable lessons in business and fostering connections with organisations that are positive and supportive.
🌻We have completed further training and development in areas of Play Therapy and supporting children and families.
🌻We value the work we get to do everyday and the connection we build with children and families. Supporting children through their play therapy journey is the most rewarding experience!
🌻We are super grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful team of therapists who truly make the business what it is today.

💛 We are looking forward to supporting children, families, early childhood services and community in 2024 and actioning some goals we have had set for the business.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Connections Play Therapy and Consultancy over the past two years 💛

Jas, Bree, Jamie-Lee and Jodie x

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Oh no they are at it again 🙈

I wonder who will win 🤔🎄

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Connections Play Therapy and Consultancy Christmas Party 🎄

What a beautiful evening with my amazing team 🩷

We are so grateful for the work we get to do everyday….even at our party we couldn’t help but talk about our work.

I am so lucky to work alongside these passionate, kind, intelligent and professional women everyday 🥰

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🥰 I am so grateful to receive this feedback from one of the educators from Monday nights training session.
It’s always difficult to gauge if you are connecting in large groups of participants, so thank you 👏🏼
I love that educators walk away inspired and begin making changes to practice for the best outcomes for all children….we can always grow, evolve and learn new skills 🩵

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Oh no!! Look who has arrived 🙈
Trixie the Elf and her mischievous friend the Grinch!

I wonder what trouble they are going to make! 🤔🎄

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➡️Lots of things are passed down through families, from one person to the next- traditions, culture and celebrations. However, the effects of trauma can be passed down through generations as well.

What is trauma?
Trauma is the exposure to actual or threatened death, injury, neglect and abuse or violence. Trauma can be directly experienced or witnessed (seeing or hearing violent acts against yourself or someone else), or indirectly experienced, which is often referred to as vicarious trauma. Traumatic experiences activate stress responses within our nervous system that can alter the way a person behaves and feels.

What is intergenerational trauma?
Intergenerational trauma is when the original traumatic experience is transferred from parents to children, and then grandchildren and so on. This is thought to be a
result of learnt behaviour and alternations to internal workings with biological changes in the body due to stress. For example, a child who witnesses the physical abuse of their mother once or many times, has experienced trauma. This can then develop into intergenerational trauma, which can influence how the child behaves in a relationship in the future, and how they parent their own children.

A person or family who has experienced intergenerational trauma can recover and thrive through effective interventions.
➡️ Providing environments that support a sense of belonging with unconditional love and acceptance.
➡️Providing a sense of belonging in a wider safe community with social engagement.
➡️Mindfulness strategies to assist in supporting the nervous system.
➡️Seeking support through therapeutic interventions.

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