Connections with Children

Play Therapy’s history started in the 1940s thanks to Virginia Axline, Psychologist. She discovered that children who appeared uncommunicative and at times withdrawn due to life experiences and trauma, responded well to Play Therapy.

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy aims to bring a sense of healing, understanding and inclusivity to children that require support psychologically, and with behavioural patterns. Because children use play as a natural means of communication, the Therapist forms a trusting and safe relationship with the child via play, either acting out real-life experiences or acting out their internal dialogue in a metaphorical or literal play-based manner.

These encouraging interactions result in each child feeling heard, valued and accepted for who they are. They learn there is nothing wrong with them, and when the child feels in control compared to overwhelm, their nervous system can then regulate.

Play Therapy is an effective and non-directive intervention where the Therapist allows room for exploration and interpretation, all aimed to create a solution for any problems that a child may experience. Including additional needs, behaviour, social adjustment and personality issues.

Adoption, fostering and out-of-home issues

Aggressive and oppositional behaviours

Anxiety and depression

Attachment issues

Behaviour and emotional regulation concerns
Childhood trauma (all forms of abuse)
Chronic illness and hospitalisation
Exposure to domestic violence

Grief and loss

Parent separation and divorce

Peer relationships

School difficulties

Self esteem and identify issues

Sleeping and eating issues

Trauma from natural disasters
Trauma including birth and pre birth trauma

Additional needs such as:

(ADD and ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, SPD – Sensory Processing Disorder,  speech delays & developmental delays)

“Enter into children’s play, and you will find the place where their minds, hearts, and souls meet.”

V. Axline. Psychologist and pioneer of child Play Therapy.

Play Therapy is offered to children 2-12 years of age. However, older children will be considered through referral. All referrals are welcome.

NDIS/Government/Non-Government clients accepted.

Please contact Jasmine for any enquiries or a fee guide.

At Connections Play Therapy and Consultancy we celebrate and support NAIDOC week...❤️💛🖤💙🤍

This year`s theme celebrates the unyielding spirit of our communities and invites all to stand in solidarity, amplifying the voices that have long been silenced.

The fire represents the enduring strength and vitality of Indigenous cultures, passed down through generations despite the challenges faced. It is a symbol of connection to the land, to each other, and to the rich tapestry of traditions that define Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. As we honour this flame, we kindle the sparks of pride and unity, igniting a renewed commitment to acknowledging, preserving, and sharing the cultural heritage that enriches our nation.

"Blak, Loud and Proud" encapsulates the unapologetic celebration of Indigenous identity, empowering us to stand tall in our heritage and assert our place in the modern world. This theme calls for a reclamation of narratives, an amplification of voices, and an unwavering commitment to justice and equality. It invites all Australians to listen, learn, and engage in meaningful dialogue, fostering a society where the wisdom and contributions of Indigenous peoples are fully valued and respected.

Through our collective efforts, we can forge a future where the stories, traditions, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are cherished and celebrated, enriching the fabric of the nation with the oldest living culture in the world.


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We will be taking a short break during the Winter school holidays ❄️

Hope everyone has a wonderful break from Play Therapy and we look forward to seeing our continuing and new clients for Term 3 2024 🩵

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On the weekend our team and Functional Family Solutions celebrated Connections Play Therapy and Consultancy’s birthday 🥳

We love Bert`s 🍸

We are all so proud of our achievements and what we offer our community 🥰

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Happy Birthday to our beautiful Jamie 🩷

We hope you have just an amazing day as the amazing person you are 🩵

Jamie is such a treasured member of our team and is a wonderful play therapist, such a beautiful kind soul 🩷

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Connections Play Therapy and Consultancy turns 3 today!! 🥳

Wow, the past three years has been a learning journey full of rewards, lessons, growth, resilience and strength 🩷

Starting a business has been one of the most challenging processes but on the flip side has been so rewarding to be able to work in a field you are passionate about and have the opportunity to support children, families and early childhood education services in our community 💜

Thank you to my wonderful team of therapists, the growth and reach of the business would not be possible without you 🩵

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past three years, word of mouth has been our most valuable marketing tool, and we are now a well-known and respected early intervention practice in the early childhood space. 💚

Jas, Bree, Jamie and Jodie 🌻

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Our beautiful Jodie had a birthday last week 🌻

We wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you had a fantastic day!

Jodie is our newest therapist and is such a wonderful addition to our team 🩵
Jodie is kind, caring, thoughtful and a natural play therapist 🩷

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Parent Information Session Feedback 🩵

Jasmine creates a holistic approach to assisting families and early childhood services in the community. Through the practice, therapy is offered as an early intervention strategy to support children and families and Jasmine delivers training to early childhood educators and parents to assist in developing further strategies in education and home environments to support children`s development and sense of agency.

Last night Jasmine attended C&K Forestview Community Kindergarten to deliver training to a wonderful group of families, teachers and educators. Thank you so much for having me back and for the wonderful feedback 🫶
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Connections Play Therapy and Consultancy will be closed for the Bundaberg Show Holiday- Thursday 30.5.24. 🎢
We will also be having some changed session times on Friday; clients have been contacted if this impacts your child`s session 🩵

Have a wonderful week 🌻

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