Parent Consultations with Purpose

A child’s first hero is generally their parent or guardian, and that is why having an active parent who advocates for their child are one of the most important factors for their wellbeing. Therefore, as their parent/guardian, you have seen it all, shared all their highs and lows, and now it’s time to seek external support for your child. Welcome to Connections Play Therapy. We will be with you all the way.

What can I Expect from my Parent Consultation?

The Play Therapy process begins with an initial parent consultation, where we will gather information about the child, family and goals for the therapy process. During this consultation, the Play Therapy process is explained in detail, and an individualised therapy plan is created in collaboration with the parent/guardian and Therapist.

Throughout the journey of the child, we provide follow-up consultations. These are conducted regularly throughout the Play Therapy process, which is a great way to communicate updates, evaluate themes of Play Therapy goals, and provide overall feedback, including the discussion of what’s working and what may not be working.

Early Childhood Consultations

The relationship between a child and their Early Childhood Educators/Services is one of strong influence that can shape a child’s future and how they perceive the world, including how they react to life as a whole. Therefore, at Connections Play Therapy, we can provide professional development and mentoring for Early Childhood Services and Schools as individuals or under Kindy Uplift around the following topics –

Play Therapy techniques in education environments.

Identifying developmental delays.
Fostering emotional regulation in children.
Supporting development and behaviour using play therapy techniques.
Power of play based learning.
Engaging environments.
Nature play.
Philosophical approach to pedagogy.
Educator wellbeing.