We learnt how to control our feelings and ways to breathe and different ideas on how to calm yourself down. We learnt all our different feelings and how they can impact us. I learnt emotions comes in all sorts of ways and you can feel your emotions if you want to. It’s your choice. My favourite part is learning how to become a better person. If you’re having trouble or just want some information about how feelings work and how to connect with people, I think it would be a good place to go. Jasmine is nice, caring, she if fun and she just knows about a lot of things that she teaches us. All the activities had lessons in them that we got to learn. I felt really shy at week one, but a couple weeks later I got more confident in myself because of the lessons Jasmine taught me.

Sofia – Child | Mindful Monday Club

The lessons that Jasmine has taught my daughter has helped her develop into a more confident, positive 9-year-old. She used to be shy with a lot of self-doubts. Before it was an “end of the world attitude”, now she can take a breath and try again without giving up or falling apart. She is connecting more with the people around her and she has realised that other people do not define her. These are powerful self-regulating tools for kids to learn. Sofia also went through the term with just having lost her grandma. The support from Jasmine and all the other kids during the sharing time of the program has really helped her through her grief.

Thank you for teaching children the importance of empathy. Highly recommend this program.

Jo – Parent

We stumbled upon a drumming circle tonight and my little girl who once would have hidden behind my dress instead marched confidently into the middle and made friends while playing the instruments thank you!

Great use of real-life examples.

The session was presented so well and I felt very heard.

I learnt different ways of communicating with both of my children.

I appreciated the questions time and getting strategies for children of different ages.

Lots of great, practical suggestions.
Amazing! Thank you so much!

Connections Play Therapy and Consultancy has been one of the best groups we have joined! My 7-year kid loves his weekly sessions & mixing with the other kids. Miss Jasmine has created such a calm & easygoing environment for all the kids. They discuss feelings, worries and learn how to listen to each other with respect & kindness. They work on how to become more mindful and able to self-regulate their emotions and what benefit any child. We are so happy to have found this group! I encourage anyone who wants their child to love themselves, grow mentally strong and build on their social skills & mindfulness to come join in on all the fun!

Beleena – Parent | Mindful Monday Club Review

Jasmine has been an incredible support for my 4-year-old son who has recently been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and SPD. I had concerns in the beginning around how our son would cope in therapy given his sensitivities, but Jasmine put my mind at ease and met our son exactly where he was. She hasn’t tried to change him or force anything on him before he is ready, but rather gently support and validate his needs. One great tool that Jasmine helped us with was reflecting my child’s feelings back to him. This has been a great technique that truly works! I am able to now regulate my son’s tantrums/meltdowns from what was up to an hour long some days, down to 5min max! It’s incredibly validating for him, and it also helps me to separate my feelings from his, so I’m not taking on his big emotions. I’m calmer, he feels validated, and hence his tantrums or big emotions are regulated much more quickly. Jasmine’s approach to play therapy is very gentle and while our son was a little hesitant in the first few sessions, he now always asks to go back. Jasmine’s experience in child development shows, and her passion for connecting and helping children flourishes from her great big heart. We can’t thank her enough for everything. If Play Therapy is something you have considered for your child, I would most definitely recommend Jasmine and her work.

You won’t regret it!

Kara – Parent

Jasmine has always gone above and beyond for our family. Our son was comfortable with her from the beginning and has improved so much since first starting play therapy. Jasmine’s guidance throughout the process has been such a help, we don’t know where we would be without her.